The Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse CIO, Charity Number 1158719, Leasowe Common, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 4TA

Opening Times

The Lighthouse is open for public access and guided tours between March and November on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month from 12:00 until 16:00. The last tour starts at 15:30.

Guided tours to the top:

£2.50 for adults. £1 for children who must be 1.06 metres tall to take the tour.


When the Lighthouse is closed or if you live far from us you can still enjoy the view from the top and check the weather on the Wirral by looking through our webcam.

The camera normally runs 24 hours per day and the picture from it usually updates every 60 seconds. We sometimes also broadcast the abseil events on our webcam and anything interesting happening out at sea that is in range of the Lighthouse.

View from Leasowe Lighthouse

View from the lamp room of Leasowe Lighthouse, brought to you by Wirralcam.