The Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse CIO, Charity Number 1158719, Leasowe Common, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 4TA

Opening Times

The Lighthouse is open for public access and guided tours between March and November on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month from 12:00 until 16:00. The last tour starts at 15:30.

Guided tours to the top:

£2.50 for adults. £1 for children who must be 1.06 metres tall to take the tour.

Film / TV

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the lighthouse has been the location for a selection of film shoots. With its unique construction and setting, it offers great potential for such activities.

A couple of years ago, the BBC chose Leasowe Lighthouse as the location for one episode of the Dare Devil series. A local lady in a squirrel costume had to abseil down the lighthouse with a large container of nuts on her head! It was a fascinating day’s filming and the finished episode was watched by a huge audience.

A more low-key but equally fascinating recording took place in the lamp room when a local performer was filmed singing and playing his guitar. Marvin Powell was being promoted by Urbanistauk and the end result was one of several “off the beaten track” recordings carried out. Another was made at Bidston Lighthouse. (See

We were also involved in the BBC programme ‘What’s the Right Diet For You’, part of the Horizon series. The clinical psychologist Tanya Byron and Dr. Chris van Tulleken, a research scientist and TV presenter, took 75 overweight volunteers on a diet programme lasting for three months, during which many of the participants had life-changing experiences. The scientists set out to prove that there were different types of eaters including some who ate when stressed or emotional. That’s where Leasowe Lighthouse came in. The participants were brought to the lighthouse, seated in our picnic area and then told that they had to climb to the top of the lighthouse and abseil down. It was a day of hard work both for the participants and the volunteers who had to escort them to the lamproom.

The Friends welcome any groups wishing to use the lighthouse building for such purposes and will do their best to co-operate with requirements. Please ask for further information.


When the Lighthouse is closed or if you live far from us you can still enjoy the view from the top and check the weather on the Wirral by looking through our webcam.