The Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse CIO, Num 1158719, Leasowe Common, Moreton, Wirral, CH464TA • Telephone: 0151 353 0861

Opening Times

For viewing the lighthouse:
Sunday 1st & 15th October, 5th November, 4th & 18th March 12pm - 4pm

Guided tours to the top:
£2 for adults. £1 for Children who must be 1.06 metres tall to be able to take the tour.

WADARC (Wirral and District Amateur Radio Club) is one of the many groups grateful for the use of the lighthouse. The group has been established for about 40 years but never had a training centre. Since 1992 when the International Lighthouse weekend was instituted, amateur radio enthusiasts have been gathering at the lighthouse to share their interest and offer “taster” sessions for anyone who would like to find out more.

There are quite a number of radio officers associated with the lighthouse and it has become a focal point for people in the Chester and Liverpool area. The group currently has about 50 members who meet for special events such as the Merchant navy event and the annual International Lighthouse weekend. This is held in August and over the period of a weekend, other lighthouses around the world are contacted by radio. Even to the uninitiated, it is a fascinating process.

What makes the lighthouse so special though is the fact that it has become an important training centre offering regular courses for the Foundation, Intermediate and Full qualiications of the Amateur Radio Club. Examinations are also held at the lighthouse once you have finished training.

In this day of mobile phones, digital radios and computers it seems ironic that interest is actually growing in this more old-fashioned form of communication. There are some cheap radios readily available, and a new radio – a DMR (digital mobile radio) which people are purchasing and then discovering they need a licence to operate it.

Although you can spend as much as you want on radios and accessory equipment, it is not necessarily an expensive hobby. It is essential to have an efficient antenna, but this can be home-made with the appropriate knowledge. Once you have a full licence you can design and build your own radio and indeed one young radio enthusiast has written a radio programme to track satellites.

MOMTC and GB4LL are call signs allocated to the lighthouse and held by Geoffrey Brown, the chairman of the club.